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Readers Theatre can motivate students to read aloud with with fluency and enthusiasm. Guided by Mary Beth, students read and rehearse a short Readers Theatre script based on a storybook. They use expressive voice, facial expression, gesture and sound effects to make their script come to life. Each student speaks a solo line and lines in unison with the class. The workshop culminates with the class performing the script for their teacher.

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"This workshop for young students is a great opportunity for  enhancing fluency and making reading fun.” Ms. June Lendore Tubman Elementary School, Washington, DC
Educational Benefits: students will...
  • Become more enthusiastic about reading aloud
  • Strengthen ability to listen and concentrate
  • Learn acting skills ▷ bodyvoiceimagination
  • Improve ability to work together as a team
Scheduling: STORYBOOK ~ Readers Theatre Workshop: Grades 1 - 2

  • 50 minutes of instruction per class
  • Maximum students per class: 30
  • Maximum sessions per day: 4
"My students loved speaking with expression as they read their scripts.”
Mrs. Anne Gagliano Bethesda Elementary School, Bethesda, MD

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Mary Beth’s programs are based on the work of
Dr. Rosalind M. Flynn,
the developer of an instructional strategy called
Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre.

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