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greek myth READERS THEATRE Residency: Grade 3

▶ VIDEO click to view  ❨❨❨ video has sound ❩❩❩  X Students strengthen reading fluency and explore Greek mythology as they read, rehearse and perform a Readers Theatre script based on a Greek myth. They learn the basics of acting and improve their public speaking skills. Students unleash their creativity as they invent gestures, sound effects, facial expressions and humor to make their Readers Theatre script come alive. Mary Beth brings out the actor in even the shy & hesitant, building confidence and improving students’ ability to speak loudly, clearly and with emotional expression. This six-hour residency culminates with each 3rd grade class presenting a morning performance in the classroom for parents.

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"Ms. Bowen's
residency improved
the reading fluency
of every single student
in my class."
Ms. Yanna Brazey 3rd grade teacher Whittier Education Campus, Washington, DC
Educational Benefits: students will...
  • Become more confident, fluent readers
  • Strengthen public speaking skills ▷ vocal projectionenunciationexpression
  • Learn acting skills ▷ bodyvoiceimagination
  • Strengthen ability to concentrate and work as a team
How does this residency help students who struggle academically or socially?

Readers Theatre gives students, especially those those who rarely experience success, a way to succeed. Often students with weak reading skills or behavior issues are the ones who shine.

How about students who are shy and quiet?

This residency teaches all 3rd graders how to project their voices, to enunciate and to speak with emotional expression. As a result, shy students speak more loudly and clearly, often resulting in a boost to their self-confidence.

Scheduling: GREEK MYTH ~ Readers Theatre Residency: Grade 3
  • Six sessions (each session is 55 minutes)
  • Maximum students per class: 30
  • Maximum sessions per day: 3
  • Culminating Performance on the morning of the 7th day
    (each class performs in the classroom for parents)
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"When I woke up on the days that you would be coming,
I would be so excited to get to school.”
Eli K., 3rd grade student Ashlawn Elementary School, Arlington, VA

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Mary Beth’s programs are based on the work of
Dr. Rosalind M. Flynn,
the developer of an instructional strategy called
Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre.

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